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About Us

Tonyshare(Suzhou) Electronic Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company located by the scenic Taihu Lake. Our company has been focusing on developing the tin coated copper tape and its accsolar accessories related for photovoltaic power, solar ce…

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Company Culture

Share the spirit of real work, real life, and innovation! Share the goal, share the results, share the future! Prominent innovation to highlight the win-win situation! Share the same style Strengthen solidarity Strengthen cooperation! Forge fine products a…

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Product development

Tonyshare is proud of a highly skilled and experienced team who are responsible for every process of our business including research & development, manufacture, quality Control, marketing, services as well as the techniques and arts among them. It is the preferred partner of all companies which are pursuing the innovation of the technology in the industry.

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Constantly improve its technical indicators to meet the higher requirements due to the continuous development and progress of industry technology.